I'm Rachel Royer, a professional graphic designer that specializes in book cover design, logos, hand-lettering, typography, and branding across all print and digital mediums.

Duke Sanford Impact Report
Josie and Doug Children's book Illustration and Design
Nurses Matter Book Cover Design
Lead With Two Rules Book Cover Design
Living Better in the Later Years Identity Design
Book Cover Design and Marketing Materials
Infographic Examples
Reach Book Cover Design
From Broken to Blessed Book Cover Design
Your Brain is Lying Cover Design
Miscellaneous Corporate Style Logos
Hand Lettered Book Cover
Children's Book Series Illustration
Politics of Promotion Book Cover Design
Miscellaneous Creative Logos
Weaving Influence Website & Identity Design
Follower Of One Branding
Book Cover and Promo Collateral Design
Bloom Where You Are Planted
From Couch to Coach Book Cover Design
Christian Greeting Card
Bacon Lovers Products
Caffeinate and Procrastinate
Window Lettering
Craft Beer Lovers Product
Lead Like Louie Book Cover Design
Coaching Book Cover
Coffee Gift Card and Card Holder
Hometown Reads Identity Design
Leading Jesus’ Way Book Design
Death By Chocolate Event Design
Susan Fowler Identity Design
Borders Gift Cards
Dexa Branding And Website
Mybuys Corporate Greeting Card
Dr. Seuss Kids’ Craft Kits
Borders Fall Promotional Collateral
Caribbean Power Resources Website and Brochure
Warner Brothers Kids Crafts
Googlies Product Design
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